How Technology has Changed Education Positively

Education and Technology

It was Freeman Dyason who said that technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life, it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences. Today, technology plays a very important role in our lives, with education being no exception. With the arrival of technology, the way students are being taught in schools has changed dramatically. It has changed the way we all live, and the mundane tasks that we once know can be automated now thanks to technology. Very complex and critical issues can be processed using technology, and thanks to this wonderful creation, education has not gone untouched, they have changed for the better.

Today, Computers and internet technology has revolutionized education. Because of this, it has become easier for teachers to render knowledge and for students to grasp it. Computer technology is used to add a fun-element to education, so it goes without saying that the Internet has given education with interactivity. Computers offer interactive and audio-visual media. Teacher presents PowerPoint presentations and animation software is often used to present information to the students in an interactive manner. The visual effects provided by the wonders of animation and presentation software causes the students to be totally fascinated in the subject matter on hand. The software also serves as visual aids to the teachers. Overhead projectors and screens provide simultaneous viewing of information by large volumes students. These audio-visual teaching aids have actually brought about marked improvements in student attendance as well as attentiveness and concentration.

The web is a huge information base, with the internet being used as a very effective tool to acquire knowledge. Students just key in search queries to search engines and are presented with millions of search results. They will find numerous informative websites and web directories that will offer information on a huge variety of subjects. They will find any information they need to enhance their knowledge base.

Computer education is a part of the school and college curriculum. When you consider the wide range of applications of computer technology, it is important therefore for each and every one of us to learn all about computers. When you consider the advantages of internet technology, it is important that everyone has a basic knowledge of internet access and connectivity. Seeing as we all live in a technology-age it makes sense therefore that we introduce ourselves to these new inventions and discoveries that have made such a huge impact in our daily lives.

Virtual Classrooms

Online education as well as distance learning has given a new dimension to the field of education. Students today do not necessarily even need to be physically present in classrooms. A lot of educational institutes offer online courses to students and a lot of schools and colleges offer online assignment submission facilities as well. This enables students to submit their homework and test assignments through the Internet.

There are many universities that offer online education programs where students can interact with their teachers over the web. They are able to access reference material from the University websites and earn their degrees online.

In this Corona pandemic no one can deny the benefits of technology. It would have been impossible to continue education without the presence of this modern technology. Different apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have made it able for us to sit at home and educate ourselves.

The importance of technology in education cannot be over emphasised. The introduction of technology in education has made the process of learning and knowledge sharing exciting. Technology is a gift to mankind and students are benefiting from this gift.


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