Digital War between India and China


India always had a complex relation with her neighbouring countries since the independence. Recently, things escalated with China when India started some construction work in an undisputed area. The main aim of construction was to create problems in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

According to the sources, 20 Indian soldiers died in a clash between India and China. Many Indian soldiers were also arrested by the Chinese army which were then later released. As a response Indian government banned TikTok, Helo, WeChat, Shein and other 56 apps having Chinese origin. According to the Indian government officials the banned Chinese apps were involved in leaking Indian user’s data to China. People are also running “boycott Chinese products” campaign fuelled by the Indian nationalists. Although, it will be impossible to completely boycott Chinese products because China has deeply penetrated in every segment of the market. From TVs to smartphones everything is made in China and to really root out their products entirely from the society will be certainly a foolish thought.

China is also a leading investor in many Indian start-ups. The Chinese administration has asked the Indian government to “uphold the legal rights of Chinese investors”. If things continue to escalate like now, then it is highly predictable that China will back-off from many Indian start-ups. This will also have a significant impact on Indian industry. Corona virus has already affected the Indian economy and thus increase in tension with China will work as adding fuel to the fire.


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