Importance of Software Architecture

Software Design

Software architecture is a framework of a software. It defines how things will be organized and interact with each other. Software architecture is made in such a way that it is adaptable and can be modified according to the situation and demands. To ensure that the software architecture meets everyone’s expectations the architecture team works in a close relationship with development teams and the system architecture ream.

Lately, mobile applications were only made for a specific type of operating system. With rapidly changing technology and devices it is not possible anymore. Now the mobile architecture is made in such a way that it can run on any type of operating system. Traditional software development methods only work where the goal of the software is clearly defined at the beginning of the project. Modern software architectures are based on agile approach. In agile approach software architects start with minimum documentation. They only try to produce vital information and features by reducing unnecessary documentation. This type of approach makes it easier to adapt to changing world and keep documentation and system in synchronization.

Identifying, standardizing and naming general architecture model helps in reusing same models and code in several applications. This helps programmers in focussing more on code and application instead of spending their time on infrastructure for content delivery. Most of the programmers memorize certain patters which they can use again and again. Excessive use of certain patterns is also not good for a project. This highlights the importance of experience in software development.

Why Most of the IT Projects Fail?

Most of the IT projects fail due to lack of experience of architects in software development. Generally, architects are experts in their fields but due to lack of confidence and fear of failure they tend to take less decisions regarding software architecture. Mostly, they just limit themselves to analysis. In some cases, even not much importance is given to software architects in a company and their suggestions are not taken seriously which then leads to a project failure.

Therefore, it is quite important that a software architect must have a good experience in software development and software architecture. Communication skills and domain knowledge are also very crucial for software architects. They should have a long-term vision about the project. From time-to-time people working on the project should talk about software architecture with each other. It will help in clarifying any misunderstanding and will raise its importance. A team which only meets once or twice in a month will not be able to design an architecture.

Long story short, software architecture is the basis of any project and if the basis is not laid strong enough then the whole project will collapse. Therefore, every member working on the project should give importance to software architecture. Sometimes software architects have to take decisions on gut feeling. They should not be afraid of taking decisions without thoroughly analysing each possible solution because it is a part of their job and sometimes, they will be facing such situations where they will not have enough time to review each possibility available. If a wrong decision is taken, then they should also not take any time to change their decision. Being a software architect is not an easy job. It requires courage and experience but once the foundations are laid correctly then it will be easier to adapt to future requirements.


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