Effects of Technology on Human Interaction

Technology and human interaction

There is plenty of talk about what is believed to be defining problems of the twenty first century and it is called technology saturation. It is all about the amazing proliferation of information about technology and its uses that we find on the internet. In fact, we are inundated with it every day from any and every direction with floods of information. We as humans are constantly processing all the different inputs that provide us with all this information, be it from television, the radio, emails, text messages, Tweets, or from Facebook. Apart from these telecommunications bombarding us with information, we also have to face human beings and interact with them throughout the day, taking in even more information.

Just a click of the mouse produces vast information

Today, we have all kinds of amazing knowledge with the click of our mouse on the internet or with our smart phones. All we have to do is simply configure all the amazing technology tools to give us any information we want, and when we want it. We are taking so much information.

We might have stopped thinking

You might well be asking then how this can affect us as humans. Sometimes, we even feel a sense of anxiety when we are away from our information providers. It is not easy for us to shut off our brains at the end of a working day and often we toss around all night worrying about the things that we didn’t do and things we still have to do. We keep paper pads next to our desks and computers to write down everything because we won’t be able to remember it all and we search for more things to help us organise and prioritise our information that we receive all day to help us store it and sort it and filter it and then finally to keep it safe. What is actually happening is that we are being bombarded with so much information, and so many choices, that we can no longer process anything. So, we do the only thing we can do and that is shut down. Our brains just shut down. We don’t spend time thinking through things anymore and processing things. We don’t’ think deeply and just stay shallow with people we come into contact with, wondering why we can’t remember things anymore.

We are getting trapped in the IT web

We might be very happy at all the wonderful technology tools that go buzz, or beep, to keep us in touch, connected as well as provide information but if we keep on going like this, we are going to have a crisis on our hands of epic proportions. Our next generations of humans are going to lose the ability to think, to remember, or to create. We are turning into a society of shallow thinkers, being slowly strangled by a noose of technological perfection taking over our ability to think for ourselves. Sometimes it makes us just exhausted thinking about it all. Sometimes we dream about getting our next cup of coffee and just laying back and relaxing, but then we forget that there are a whole heap of emails, tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, text messages, and checking up what we have to do. This never-ending cycle due to unlimited amount of information and new technologies being developed at an alarming rate are drawing us more and more into its web and it is difficult, if not impossible to get out of it.


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