Turkey Successfully Tests its First Flying Car

Flying Car

Turkey has successfully tested its first flying car, the Cezeri. According to a foreign news agency, Cezeri’s maker Baykar said that Turkey’s first flying car successfully completed its first test flight.

A video of the first flight of Turkey’s first flying car has also been released on YouTube, which shows that the car is 33 feet high in the air. Last September, Cezeri was displayed at Teknofest, the Turkish technology and aerospace fair, in the metropolitan city of Istanbul.

According to the car manufacturer Baykar, the Cezeri is expected to reach a cruising speed of 100 kph, with a flight ceiling of 2,000 meters and a range of 70-80 kilometers.

“We will make more advanced prototypes in the upcoming process and perform flights with a human [on board],” Selcuk Bayraktar, the chief technology officer, was quoted as saying.

The first flying car “Cezeri” can take 10 to 15 years for commercial and personal use.

The car is named after Ismail al-Jazari, one of the great Muslim inventors and engineers of the Islamic Golden Age, who lived in eastern Anatolia during the 12th century.

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