How To Solve Screen Freezing Problem in FIFA 20 Mobile

FIFA Mobile 20

If you are also a FIFA fan but are not able to play due to a glitch in the FIFA 20 Mobile, then it is the right place to find the solution.

Most of the users are facing this problem that after clicking on My Team, Hazard pops up telling you about increasing player rank. When you touch the screen for the next script the screen freezes and you are not able to do anything.

Actually, the game wants you to train one of your active team players to 80 OVR. But unfortunately, due to this glitch we are not able to do so.

Now coming to the solution. You may need to restart the game a lot of times to do the below steps and you need to have slow speed internet. It is better to go to some corner in the house where the Wi-Fi signals are not that strong.

With internet at slow speed, it gives you a small gap of time before Hazard pops up. First of all, as soon as possible go to the Players tab in the MY TEAM section. Once the Player’s tab is opened then you can easily train a player in your team to OVR 80. Note that bonus OVR on a player does not work. So, you need to train a player to OVR 80 or above. Once it is done, make sure that the player is on the active team. If not, then try to place on the team or else you may use the Highest OVR button in the MY TEAM page to automatically bring the 80 OVR player on the team.

Once, all of this is done, restart the game and it should work. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful and enjoy the game.


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