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If you haven’t heard about Tsu or if you have, this blog could be interesting for you. Tsu is a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and many others. On October 21, 2014 Tsu was launched. The website got some early success and became one of the fastest-growing social networks, achieving 3.5 million registered users in its first 6 months of public existence and registering 4.5 million users by its first anniversary but was not able to continue it for a long time. A lot of members just joined it to make money instead of contributing to the social network. Ultimately, due to emerging challenges Tsu was closed in August 2016.

Tsu pays its users for posting original content and spending some time on it. The usage of the site is free. Members are encouraged to donate their earnings to several charities who set up profiles on the service.

Tsu announced its revival in September 2019 with John Acunto as CEO and investments from Larry Krauss of Terracap and Hilco Streambank. Now Tsu is online and everyone can use it to make money from it. It is a brilliant forum for professional photographers, tiktokers and for people who want to get some fame. The social media platform has started paying its users and a lot of exciting updates are expected in near future.

It will be interesting to see, how the old Tsu users will react to the news of relaunch of Tsu. Because a lot of users have moved to other social media platforms to make some money. It is also important that people not only focus on making quick money but also spend some quality time with other Tsu users as well.

Tsu is an invite-only platform but you do not need to worry. You can use this invitation link https://tsusocial.page.link/BsedFwzWVMbysicVA to join the TSU.
Join this platform and make some passive money by just sitting at home.😊😊😊

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