The Role of AI in Future


Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role in our lives and most probably they will continue in future as well. With time AI is getting more involved in our daily routine. Most of the advanced technologies are based on Artificial Intelligence.

The motive of creating AI was to perform tasks which humans could do but in a better and most efficient way. Today, it is also used to analyse a large amount of data and to provide recommendations.

AI helps in providing precise suggestions. For example, Apple’s Siri analyses thousands of restaurants and recommends based on your location. Spotify also analyses your playlist and recommends you more songs according to your taste.

Due to AI automatization has also increased. In industries various processes are being optimized. Especially in auto industry and due to this productivity has also been increased. Many businesses are using different AI apps and software to perform complex tasks which consequently result in more growth and productivity.  

AI assists businesses in making smart decisions by analysing different data and statistics. Subsequently businesses make further progress. Artificial Intelligence also strengthens the economy. It is estimated that AI will contribute over $15 trillion to the World’s economy by the year 2030. Due to advancements in AI the global GDP will also increase up to 14% by the year 2030. AI can also perform repetitive tasks more accurately. Mostly, routine tasks are automatized which benefits the users to concentrate more on some of the complex tasks.

Applications of AI

AI is being used in various fields. Some of them are:

AI in autonomous vehicles

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the transportation industry. Now, AI is being used in cars which enables them to drive on their own. AI software gathers data from radars, GPS, sensors, and cameras to produce control signals that operate driverless vehicle. One most prominent example could be of Tesla’s self-driving cars.

AI in Gaming

One of the biggest accomplishments of AI is in the gaming industry. For example, it is being used in a shooting game known as FEAR where the opponent AI never repeats the same mistake and the actions are unpredictable. So, as a player you have to continuously change your strategies to defeat the opponent because as the game progresses your enemies get better. So, every time you have to come up with a new plan.

AI in Banking and Finance

Next most important application of AI is in banking and finance. As we all know that in trading sector, we have to take right decisions and predict the future outcome in a very short time. Here AI has an advantage over humans because it can analyse previous results and a lot of data and with the help of that it can take right decisions in a short period of time.

AI in Agriculture

Another important application of AI is in agriculture. According to some studies the World will need to produce 50% more food by 2050. Many farmers are using AI in agriculture sector to analyse and identify defects and nutrient deficiencies in soil.

AI in Healthcare

AI is also playing a vital role in health care. It also has helped a lot of patients all over the world. Many health organizations are using AI technology for medical diagnosis. An example of such an AI technology is IBM Watson. It is used by many health organizations for diagnosis and for recommendation of medicines. AI is also being used in health departments for critical surgeries. Although, it is in its initial stage, but a lot of research and progress is going on this field. AI is also providing a breakthrough in drug development industry. It analyses billions of data points in public databases and presents accurate hypotheses which helps in finding new cures of diseases in a fast and efficient way.

Threats from AI

With so many advantages and applications of AI there is also a downside to it. People also go through threats and fear because of increasing influence of AI in our society. One of the threats that we could face is that AI robots start communicating with each other in a language which is not understandable by humans. Recently, Facebook shut down its two robots because they started communicating with each other in a language which was not understandable by the humans.

Another threat that we could face is that AI robots could go to any extent to complete its tasks irrespective of the consequences. The most alarming example of this is that recently YouTube started using AI based recommendation algorithms. The purpose was to maximize the user’s viewing time. After some time, researchers noticed that YouTube’s algorithm was recommending increasingly extreme and controversial content only to achieve its goal. For instance, if you have watched videos of Donald Trump it will start recommending you videos of white supremacist’s speeches and other disturbing content.

One more threat humans face today is that AI robots will become more intelligent and powerful than them. They will outpower humans and can lead to humans losing their jobs and thus they could be living under the dependency of AI. It is also believed that in future AI robots will not need anyone to make any alterations to them. They will be able to do so without needing any help from us.

To sum up, every technology has its own positive and negative aspects. It depends on us how we use it. Artificial Intelligence can play a positive role in future if we use it in a better way. It will make our lives easier and will make this World a healthier place to live in. If it gets in wrong hands it will create a lot of problems for us. All in all, AI has the massive potential of making advancements in different fields and with the combination of AI and humans. So, we can solve a lot of serious problems that we are encountering today.

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