Social Media, a Blessing or a Curse?

Social Media

We are living in a modern age of internet when no one deny the presence of social media. Everyone uses different social media platforms either to connect or socialize with their loved ones. Many also use some social media sites only to show off their wealth and lifestyle. There is nothing wrong in it but as a matter of fact some social media platforms were basically made so that people can flex their money, clothes and lifestyle. One of the most prominent examples could be of so-called influencers having thousands or even millions of followers on their accounts such as on Instagram.

The world has changed a lot in the last decade or so. After the creation of the Internet, the world has become a global village. Information is accessible everywhere and any time. In 90s we used to send letters to our friends and family members, and it took days to reach the destination. Now with the blessing of internet we can write emails and send messages through WhatsApp and can communicate with each other without any delay.

In this pandemic where Coronavirus has completely changed our way of living, just imagine if there was no internet no Zoom or Discord how we could have survived in this situation. Now somehow with many apps available in the market we were able to minimize the impact of this pandemic and continue our routine work. Classes are conducted online due to which students do not have to waste their time sitting idle at home. A lot of educational websites are providing discounts on various courses which will help people to enhance their skills.

In other words, no one can deny the benefits of the internet. But like Uncle Ben said to Spider-Man.

“With great powers comes great responsibility.”

Internet also provides a heaven to a number of social media sites. Have you ever noticed how much time you spend on your mobile phone scrolling through newsfeed of different social media platforms? Most of the time you check your phone just to see if there are any messages on WhatsApp and then unconsciously you switch either to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. and spend a couple of hours doing nothing.

Negative Effects of Social Media on Health

According to a study, the average daily social media usage of internet users is around 144 minutes per day. Many health experts recommend 30 minutes or less as the maximum time you should spend on social media. According to a research in 2018, limiting use to 30 minutes a day can lead to better health outcomes. Numerous users of social media who use internet for more than 6 hours have reported memory loss and sleeping problems.

In fact, the main purpose of social media apps is to make sure that the users spend most of their time on their sites. This helps them in generating more revenue by showing more ads to their audience. Most of the users unconsciously become a “Phone Addict”, also called Nomophobia (an abbreviation of no-mobile-phone-phobia”) and start spending a lot of their precious time on these sites. Consequently, one of the symptoms of a “Phone Addict” include experiencing anxiety or panic over losing the phone. Obsessively checking for missed calls, emails, and texts and using phone in inappropriate places like bathroom etc.

After becoming a “Phone-Addict” you start living a life on autopilot which means there is nothing in your life on which you have control over. It feels like someone else is driving or taking decisions of your life instead of you.

In this pandemic, a lot of people have reported eye-sight problems as well. Doctors have termed this as Corona-Vision because people at home while sitting idle spend most of their time either watching TV or using social media sites which is affecting their eye side.

How to get rid of Social Media addiction?

  • Try to leave your phone at home when you go outside. In the beginning it will be difficult but with time you will get use to it.
  • Do not keep phone near to your working place. It causes distraction which results in loss of concentration.
  • Limit the time you use social media. Set a timer in your phone which will help in keep reminding you that you must stop now.
  • Try to go outside and socialize with your friends and family members. Spend some quality time with them or join a fitness or sports club and do some sports or workouts. This will keep you in shape and healthy.

These methods will take some time to have an impact on your life, but they will definitely ensure that social media becomes a blessing for you and not a curse.

In today’s world nearly everyone knows the pros and cons of internet and social media. You do not need to completely delete every social media account. There should be a balance in your life because in the end only you are responsible for your deeds. With a regulated usage you can really bear fruits provided by social media sites without wasting time or damaging your mental health. 

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