Top 5 Free Logo Making Apps for Android

Logo apps for Android

Logo is a small design which is adopted by a company or an organization to identify its product or business. Today, creating a logo is not that much difficult because a lot of free apps and software are available to help us in this regard. A logo should be unique and creative. It should add some meaning to your organization or company or product.

Today, we are going to tell you about 6 best logo making apps available for android.

1. Logo Maker

Logo Maker is by far the best available option to make logos on Android. It offers a lot of features and a huge collection of graphic elements.

Logo Maker gives your logo a unique and impressive look. So, what are you waiting for!!!

2. Canva 

Another great option for Android users to make logos is Canva. It has a lot of categories like restaurant logos, beauty logos, games logos and many more.

My personal experience with Canva has been very good so far and it has surpassed my expectations. You can also download high quality logos for free.  

3. Logo Maker Plus

Another great app for Android which is more than a logo maker is Logo Maker Plus. This app allows you to create logos in an easier, quicker and efficient way. It’s highly suitable for creating business logos.

4. Design Studio  

Another application which provides a lot of free templates to choose from is Design Studio. This app is more than a logo maker. It’s a social media post maker, invitation maker, thumbnail maker and much more.

5. DesignEvo

Another best logo making option available for Android is DesignEvo. It provides its users with a lot of different templates and has more than 10,000 professional grade logo designs.

You can also start making a logo from scratch and use your creative ideas for making a logo.

We hope these all apps will help you in creating remarkable and fanciful logos for your cause.


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