5G: A Friendly Data Monster


Imagine sitting at home on your couch and watching television. Someone knocks on your door and when you open it, you see a carton of milk lying on your doorstep. You are a bit shocked but welcome to the new era of 5G. With 5G the Internet of things (IoT) will become a common practice. Your fridge was running out of milk. It ordered milk itself from the local vendor which was delivered to your doorstep.  You will not need to worry about running out of food. Everything will be managed automatically. The evil, data-hungry, omniscient monster suddenly turns out to be a friend next door!

In future, every device that needs network access will be already integrated with 5G. And we are not only talking about mobile phones and televisions, but about all the devices and consumers, including electricity, water, gas meters, and  the heating control – anything that can meaningfully communicate with user or with each other will be capable of doing so.

Thus, 5G will suddenly help the local supplier to be able to compete with global corporations. This will increase competition in the market and the consumers will have more options to choose from. With more global competition, prices will also decrease. 5G has great strengths in terms of global networking when it comes to local data processing. It does not have to be sent around the world and stored on any server in Washington DC or Chicago. The local intelligence of the 5G network also ensures that the data is stored locally. Data with exclusively local relevance will remain in the local environment in the future.

This would also create ideal conditions for networking between neighbourhoods and city districts. Even much better local community platforms could emerge. But in addition to many opportunities and some dangers, the 5G mobile communications will also multiply the opportunities of globalization. 5G will play an important role in connecting globally and at the same time perfectly managing local needs.

Every successful technology comes with negative aspects as well. Thus, it’s our duty to ensure that undesirable developments are corrected very quickly and ultimately, the benefits prevail. So, we can make this world a much better place for everyone to live in.


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